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Elrond Buddies Devil


Elrond Buddies is a NFT project of 10,000 unique crypto collectibles on the MultiversX blockchain. Only 10,000 Buddies are in existence, and each of them is unique in its own way — no two Buddies look the same. The collection is composed of aliens, devils, ghosts, zombies and human beings on the MultiversX blockchain. With each Buddy comes a unique set of traits and so it makes every Buddy unique and only owned by you.

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Tokenomics & Rewards

Only 10,000 Buddies will ever be minted. Get rewarded for owning Elrond Buddies!

  • 3040 Buddies are already minted
  • We will do batches of 555 Buddies for mint Sales at different prices
  • Rewards each 21th of the month
  • International day Rewards

Rewards don't end there. Hold to earn!

Elrond Buddies owners receive monthly rewards with $UTK and $ASH.
Since the beginning of the project we have distributed 73,002,098 $LKMEX, 11,802 $UTK, 511 $RIDE, 50,606 $WATER, 2,835 $ASH and 1,000 $CRT.
Join our Discord to participate in giveaways and contests !

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Monthly Rewards analytics

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Sale 1 / MARCH 13 - 13 UTC
First 555 Buddies are available to sale at 0.075 $EGLD
Sale 2 / APRIL 10 - 13 UTC
555 Buddies are available on second sale at 0.1 $EGLD
Start rewarding holders
First distribution on April 21
Sale 3 / MAY 1 - 18 UTC
555 Buddies are available on third sale at 0.15 $EGLD
Start GIF Collection Auctions
15 GIF inspired of the first Elrond Buddies Collection will be auctioned
Sale 4 / JULY 9 - 20 UTC
555 Buddies are available on fourth sale at 0.2 $EGLD
International days celebration
Every month we gonna celebrate one International day, every Buddies with specific items will get some extra rewards
Sale 5 / OCTOBER 29 - 16 UTC
555 Buddies are available on fifth sale at 0.22 $EGLD
DAO Launch / JANUARY 16
The DAO proposals and votes can now be done using Superciety
Sale 6 / FEBRUARY 3 - 17 UTC
555 Buddies are available on sixth sale at 0.24 $EGLD
Next Sales
6670 Buddies are left to mint, more sales will be added when we sold out the previous ones
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International Days 2023-2024

Oktoberfest / Sep 16 - Sep 23
Hand attribute: Beer
Halloween / October 31
Skin attribute: Zombie
Movember / November 30
Facialhair attribute: Mustache
Christmas / December 25
Top attribute: Santa Hat
Red Hair's day / January 12
Top attribute: Hair Orange
Valentine's Day / February 14
Eyes attribute: Glasses Heart
Patrick's Day / March 17
Top attribute: Hat Saint Patrick
Bottom attribute: Saint Patrick
Devil's Day/ April 01
Skin attribute: Devil
Smile Day / MAY 31
Mouth attribute: Smile
Wolrd Environment Day / June 05
Hand attribute: Flower
OVNI's Day / July 02
Skin attribute: Alien
Ghost's Day / August 12
Skin attribute: Ghost

Get a Elrond Buddies

Not all 10,000 Elrond Buddies have been mined but you can sill get some on marketplaces.

The 6th Sale of 555 Buddies at 0.24 $EGLD is live, there is only 303 left ...

Get an Animated Buddies

Only 15 animated Buddies have been auctioned on Discord.

  • Total sales: 26,45 $EGLD
  • Average sales: 1,88 $EGLD
  • 90% of revenues have been sent to DAO
  • GIF get 2x DAO rewards


Buddy Team 2
Buddy Team 1

We are 2 crypto enthusiasts based in France. One of us is more into the dev part and the second one on the design and creation process.