GIF auction inspired of the first Elrond Buddies Collection

Get your share of magical friends

Elrond Buddies Devil


Elrond Buddies is a NFT project of 10,000 unique crypto collectibles on the Elrond blockchain. Only 10,000 Buddies are in existence, and each of them is unique in its own way — no two Buddies look the same. The collection is composed of aliens, devils, ghosts, zombies and human beings on the Elrond blockchain. With each Buddy comes a unique set of traits and so it makes every Buddy unique and only owned by you.

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Tokenomics & Rewards

Only 10,000 Buddies will ever be minted. Get rewarded for owning Elrond Buddies!

  • 1,673 Buddies are already minted
  • We will be do batches of 555 Buddies for mint Sales at different price

Rewards don't end there. Hold to earn!

Elrond Buddies owners receive monthly rewards with $LKMEX, $UTK and$ITHEUM, in the future you will be able to take part of the project with our next DAO.
Since the beginning of the project we have distributed 11,675,984 $LKMEX.
Join our Discord to participate in giveaways and contests !

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Sale 1 / MARCH 13 - 13 UTC
First 555 Buddies are available to sale at 0.075 $EGLD
Sale 2 / APRIL 10 - 13 UTC
555 Buddies are available on second sale at 0.1 $EGLD
Start rewarding holders
First distribution on April 21
Sale 3 / MAY 1 - 18 UTC
555 Buddies are available on third sale at 0.15 $EGLD
Start GIF Collection Auctions
15 GIF inspired of the first Elrond Buddies Collection will be auctioned
Progress: 5 / 15 NFTs are auctioned
Sale 4 / JULY 9 - 20 UTC
555 Buddies are available on fourth sale at 0.2 $EGLD
Sale 5 / Date TBD
555 Buddies are available on fifth sale at 0.22 $EGLD
Sale 6 / Date TBD
555 Buddies are available on sixth sale at 0.24 $EGLD
Next Sales
6670 Buddies are left to mint, more sales will be added when we sold out the previous ones
International days celebration
Every month we gonna celebrate one International day, every Buddies with specific items will get some extra rewards
Starting on September 17th, for Oktoberfest 🍺
Page with the full calendar coming soon
DAO Launch
Build the DAO
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Animated Buddies

Only 15 animated Buddies will be auctioned on our Discord.

  • Min bid 0.4 $EGLD
  • Only for Buddies holders
  • Will takes place on our discord
  • 90% of revenues will go to DAO

Progress: 5 / 15 NFTs was auctioned

Get a Elrond Buddies

Not all 10,000 Elrond Buddies have been mined but you can sill get some on marketplaces.
The next Sale of 555 Buddies will be on JULY 9 at 20 UTC at 0.2 $EGLD


Buddy Tea
Buddy Team

We are 2 crypto enthusiasts based in France. One of us is more into the dev part and the second one on the design and creation process.